Solutions Exclusive to SMEs


Use the different systems and agreements Garanti has created for you, and let your company benefit from the Garanti privileges

Direct Collection Agreements

With the Direct Collection Systems used in Turkey for the first time in 1996 by Garanti, you can electronically make your payments under our bank's guarantee. You can reach all the details including reports through Internet Banking. 

If you wish, with Garanti Reminder, you can receive notifications by e-mail or fax regarding your payments before their payment due dates.

Fuel Management System

With the Fuel Management System (FMS) offered by Garanti, the only bank that has agreements with all the leading oil companies in Turkey such as BP, Opet, Petrol Ofisi and Total, you can fuel the vehicles registered under your company from FMS-contracted companies and keep your fuel purchases under control while also taking advantage of payment terms provided for you.

Supplier Financing System

With the Supplier Financing System Garanti Discount, launched by Praktiker Turkey and Garanti, SMEs that have agreements with Garanti and operate as suppliers to large firms, can keep track of their receivable via Internet Banking and discount them at suitable rates, without having to use their credit line. Thus, while meeting their financing needs, they can also satisfy their working capital requirements.
For the list of companies that we have DCS agreements with and for detailed information, you can send an e-mail to or visit our nearest branch.

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