With GoGaranti, accounting transactions are very fast, very easy and very automatic.

GoGaranti is an innovative and user-friendly application that enables automatic accounting of executed banking transactions by providing integration between LOGO SMS Solutions Tiger2 and GO and Garanti Bank banking applications


  • Through the “GoGaranti” window inside the LOGO Tiger2 and GO packages, you can have secure online access to your transactions regarding your Garanti Bank accounts.
    By using these packages, you can have real-time and synchronized data flow from LOGO to Garanti and Garanti to LOGO solution packages which enables the automation of the transactions.
  • You only have to input data only once for the transactions that will be entered into accounts. This, by reducing your operational workload, saves you time.
  • If you are using a LOGO Solutions Package, you can perform your banking transactions through the GoGaranti window which can be activated on the same screen.

How can I become a user?

If you are using LOGO Solution Packages Tiger2 or Go, all you have to do is to contact your dealer to make sure that you are using a version that is compatible with GoGaranti, and to apply to your branch to define authorization and get your PIN within the same day. Thus, you can immediately start  taking advantage of the benefits offered by GoGaranti.

If you haven't started using one of the LOGO solution packages in your business, you can get information about the products by visiting the nearest LOGO dealer, and start using GoGaranti bu opening an account at Garanti.

To apply for GoGaranti, click here.

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