Mutual Funds

Choose the Mutual Fund that best suits your taste for risk and return and we will invest your savings for you.

Mutual Funds

Gold Fund

The objective of the Gold Fund is to reflect the price changes in the world gold markets to its investors. Find out more

Cash Now

With the Cash Now service, you can cash in all types of mutual funds, anytime you want. Find out more

Fund Basket

In the fund basket, there is a fund for everyone. Find out more

Type A Funds

If you want to obtain returns from the stocks in the ISE-30, you can prefer this fund. Find out more

Type B Funds

The funds that turn market fluctuations into opportunities. Find out more

Money Market Funds

With this fund while protecting your principal, you can also achieve positive returns. Find out more

Mutual Funds

Which mutual fund is proper for you ?

Gold Fund

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