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All of the domestic and international market tables and graphs appearing on the website have been obtained from third-party service providers. As such, they have been prepared for the purpose of providing information in a general sense and without the intention of T. Garanti Bankası  AŞ’s securing any material benefit from them whatsoever. We do not guarantee the validity of any of the  domestic or international market tables or graphs appearing on our website and none of them are being  provided with the intention of securing any form of return.

For this reason, T. Garanti Bankası AŞ cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect material or moral losses arising on account of errors or defects in the domestic or international market tables or graphs appearing on this  website or on account of any action taken on the basis of such information or for  any manner of losses or expenses that may be incurred by third parties in any way whatsoever.

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