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If you are looking for the most suitable loan for your company, take a look at the opportunities Garanti offers. Foreign Currency Loans, Working Capital Loans, Foreign Currency Indexed Loans, Foreign Currency Check Redemption Loans and Gold-backed Loans are the your service.

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    Foreign Currency Loans

    Foreign Currency Loan is a type of loan offered to companies that make export sales and deliveries or sales and deliveries that are considered exports and engage in foreign currency generating activities. The Fulfillment of the export contract is a conditional requirement of these loans.

    • Provides convenience in export financing.
    • In the case that the export contract is fulfilled, the loans are exempt from all taxes, duties, and charges (KKDF).

    Working Capital Loan

    These loans are one-off loans that are obtained from abroad in a foreign currency by residents of Turkey and are offered in TL through banks.

    • They are intended for investment financing and come with no term limitations.
    • They are subject to the KKDF if their maturity is less than one year.

    Foreign Currency Indexed Loan

    In Foreign Currency Indexed Loans, the interest rate is applied in terms of foreign currency by taking into account the appreciation of foreign currencies against the TL.

    • The loans can be taken out without being bound to an export contract. The principal, interest (including exchange rate increases) and the KKDF and BSMV excises are payable at maturity
    • Unlike foreign currency loans, foreign currency indexed loans do not have to be bound to an export contract, thus free the borrower from the penalty risk involved in failure to fulfill such contracts.

    Foreign Currency Check Redemption Loan

    Foreign Currency Check Redemption loans are cash loans intended to provide foreign currency inflow.

    • It allows for the foreign currency check values to be used before their maturities.
    • It provides convenience in collections and liquidity.

    Gold-backed Loan

    Gold-backed loans are intended to provide financing for companies that process, manufacture or export gold and gold products. These loans are exempt from the KKDF excise.

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