TL/Foreign Currency Deposit Account

Your deposit account is ready for all your transactions and payments.

Secure your savings with the TL/Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Account.

With the TL/Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Account which you can put both your TL and foreign currency deposits to use, you can easily perform your company's all banking transactions such as money withdrawal, money transfer, EFT, card payments and standing payments. You can deposit and withdraw your foreign currency through Paramatiks and perform transactions with your foreign currency as easy as TL transactions. When you have a TL/Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Account, you can also take advantage of the Overdraft Account that meets your instant cash needs.

What's more, you can access your account 24 hours a day through Internet Banking, 444 0 333 Alo Garanti or Garanti Paramatiks.

You can open a TL/Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Account through Internet Banking or 444 0 33 Alo Garanti.

If you don't have an account at Garanti yet, all you have to do to open one is to visit the nearest Garanti branch.

  • Features
    • You can use products linked to your account such as automatic payments, payment orders, credit card and Overdraft Account, and perform all transactions regarding these products.
    • You can withdraw cash anytime you want from Garanti Paramatiks and other bank ATMs.
    • You can put your savings to use in any currency that you want.
    • You can make foreign currency money transfers.
    • You can perform your banking transactions through Internet Banking and Alo Garanti and easily keep track of your company transactions.

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