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Insurance may vary according to collateral.Interests and fees may vary according to market conditions.Our bank reserves the right to change interests, fees and term.Annual cost rate is effective annual interest rate and insurance is not included. Allocation fee includes 5% BITT.

In loan applications made through Garanti Internet, Garanti Mobile and , our customers can take out a loan in the approved amount. For our customers who don’t receive their salary payments through our Bank, the upper limit that can be taken out through Garanti Internet and Garanti Mobile is 25.000 TL. If you have applied through our branches, there is no upper limit.
*Total expense consists of loan allocation fee and motor insurance if selected.
*Casco Fee is assessed as 1.300 TL on average per year, and this amount may vary according to age, gender, brand, model, city, and vehicle price.
*The insurance premium may vary according to the loan amount, age, gender, and collateral. The interest rates and fee amounts specified until the loan issuance date may vary according to the loan amount requested, term, and market conditions. Our Bank reserves the right to change the interest rate, fee amounts and the term.
*Annual cost rate is the rate expressed as effective annual interest rate that includes all the taxes, the insurance premium is not included in the calculation.
*Allocation fee includes 5% BITT.

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BIST 100 *rise119.7190,06
EURO / USDrise1,24160,14
O/N Repo **even12,060

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